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Till and Runner were best friends and long-time dive buddies. One evening they were relaxing over a few post-dive brews. As the beer and the conversation flowed, they began discussing the afterlife. As they talked, they began to wonder if there would be any diving in heaven. They made a pact that when one died, he would somehow get word to the survivor as to the dive situation in the hereafter.

Sadly, Till was eaten by a Great White Shark two weeks later. Runner was very depressed by the loss of his friend and didn't return to the water for TWO WHOLE DAYS! But the third day was a Saturday, and the seas were calm, so he figured his pal Till would want him back below the surface. So he loaded up the gear and headed to the ocean for a solo shore dive. As he was gearing up, Till appeared. Shocked, Runner stammered, "I thought you were sharkbait."

Till responded, "I am, but don't you remember our pact? I'm here to let you know what it's like in heaven. I bring you both good news and bad news. The good news is that there is indeed diving in heaven, and it is fabulous. The boatrides are short, there's never a current and no surge. The water is warm. The coral reef is far more beautiful than any we've seen on earth. There is constant interaction with large creatures, but at the same time the macro life is amazing. And since you're at such a high altitude, you have unlimited bottom time."

Runner responded, "Man that sounds absolutely incredible. With things that great how could there possibly be any bad news?" And Till replied, "We'll be dive buddies again tomorrow."

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