You might be a 'Guido' diver if...

Your dive boat is equipped with a stereo system that can be heard underwater for miles. (seaworg)

The first thing you do on exiting the water is fix your hair. (seaworg)

You get an uncontrolled urge to hit on female divers, regardless of the situation. (seaworg)

When you shop for gear, you try it on and look at yourself in the mirror. Even if it is only a compass or computer. (seaworg)

You have a Mustang GT or Camaro with a trailer hitch. And when you drive past mirror trucks on the road, you look at yourself and your "rig". (seaworg)

"No Fear" or "Bad Boy" window stickers. (Hey, it's only SCUBA) (seaworg)

You have extra nice clothing just for wearing after or between dives. (seaworg)

You get the biggest, baddest dive knife available and wear it all day in the Hamptons. (seaworg)

You write stuff in your dive log in da same way dat you taulk. (what's a yut?) (seaworg)

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