You might be an Alaskan diver if..

You try to get your lead sled dog fitted for a mask, snorkel and fins. (Latitude 64)

Your Local dive shop tries to fit the dog. (Latitude 64)

You have to watch out for bears on the way to the dive site. (Latitude 64)

You have a 375 H&H Magnum spear gun. (Latitude 64)

You carry your magnum spear gun for bear protection going to and from the dive site. (Latitude 64)

You wear hip boots to the dive boat. (Latitude 64)

You carry a grappling hook and 1 inch rope for a reef hook. (Latitude 64)

You share your dive boat with Halibut fisherman. (Latitude 64)

Your butt is hanging out of your 'Farmer John' when you sit down to put your fins on. (Latitude 64)

Your dive buddy chews Muktuk instead of skoal. (Latitude 64)

Without taking your fins off, you lose count of the salmon after 10. (Latitude 64)

Your 'Save a Dive' kit includes a gold pan, two jerry cans of gasoline, a couple of spare tires for the dive truck and boat trailer, and an extra large can of pepper spray. (Latitude 64)

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