Jimmy BuffetT
2007 - Bama Breeze Tour
Minute Maid Park
Houston, Texas
  2001: A Beach Odyssey
Coors Amphitheater
Chula Vista, California
2003 - Tiki Time Tour
Woodlands Pavilion
The Woodlands, Texas
Far Side Of The World Tour
Philips Arena
Atlanta, Texas
1994 - Fruitcakes Tour
Woodlands Pavilion
The Woodlands, Texas

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Well... let's see... I first heard Jimmy Buffet's music during my impetuous youth, growing up on the West coast of Florida, down around the Tampa Bay area. It seemed to hit a lot of the high points of the life I'd been living. It appealed to me enough that over the years, I felt the need to find out all that I could about this Caribbean/ballad/blues/rock-a-billy guy, 'cause I felt like we had a lot in common, and I really liked his music.

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I read Jimmy's first two books, and saw a lot of my own life in his words, but it wasn't until I read 'A Pirate Looks At Fifty', that I realized just how much I could relate to Jimmy's state of mind. Like Jimmy, I grew up in a Catholic household with a dump-truck or two of guilt, spent (or misspent) a great deal of my youth in, on , and under the water, loved boats, and felt most comfortable when I was near the ocean. I also found myself in the company of smugglers, dopers, crooks, con artists, and folks who likely came from some experimental interplanetary breeding... So be it.

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I still hold my love for the ocean, the boats, and the 'Fruitcakes' in my life, and deal with all of the weirdness in my life with a laugh and a smile, so this is my tribute to the man that puts his thoughts (and mine, apparently) into music that I love... Thanks, Jimmy...

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