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Yeah... This is SCUBA part of me coming out. Although this site is for 'all things Schrader', most all of my family are SCUBA divers. Some of us live to dive and some of us are not quite as committed (or committable?).


I'm a certified Rescue Diver, have been seen in plenty of mud holes around Texas (Lost Lake, Blue Hollow, Lake Travis, etc.), as well as Cozumel, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, San Pedro, Roatan, Utila and all over the Florida Keys.


My Preferences: I'll dive almost anywhere that's wet! (Although I prefer warm-water diving) It's a little more difficult being a diver in Texas; being that there's not a large number of quality dive sites, you have to work at it a little harder.


My Gear: Zeagle Ranger BCD, Sherwood Maximus regulator, Sherwood Minimus Octo, Matrix Master computer, U.S. Divers 'Look' mask, Dacor Integra fins, etc., etc., etc.


Why I Dive: Because water needs me!!!

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